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Competitions to be held on grass at the Club Field, Castle Hill Farm, Mill Lane, Ashley

Dressage and Show Jumping, or just Dressage!
NEW CLASS: Lead Rein & First Ridden
👉For those just doing dressage, or for those who would like to jump again, we are offering a type of clear round. We have an instructor on hand to help you round if you would like. Entries on the day – £5 per round. 👈
Trailblazers Combined Training 2020 qualifiers (classes 2A and 4A)

Sat 14th September 2019



Class 1 Intro C (2016) Walk & Trot Test
Class 1A Combined Training – Intro C & Show Jumping 60cm
Class 2 Prelim 2 (2016)
Class 2A Combined Training – Prelim 2 & Show Jumping 65cm
Class 3 Prelim 18 (2002) revised 2016
Class 3A Combined Training – Prelim 18 & Show Jumping 70cm
Class 4 Novice 34 (2009)
Class 4A Combined Training – Novice 34 & Show Jumping 75cm
Class 5 WRC Lead Rein & First Ridden (2019)
Class 5A Combined Training – LR & FR & Show Jumping 30cm

Click HERE for copy of WRC Lead Rein & First Ridden (2019)


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