Training & Camp

Training Officer: Michelle Elswood

Training Cancellation Terms.
There is a 1 week notice period.
1. Training places cancelled with more than 1 week’s notice will not be charged.
2. Training places cancelled with less than 1 week’s notice will be charged in full unless your place can be reallocated.
3. In the event of venue or trainer cancellation where no suitable alternatives are available, full refunds will be given.

Somerford Arena Poo Picking Policy
Somerford require a £10 deposit per horse for poo picking in the XC Technique arenas which will initially be paid by WRC. This will only be refunded once the arena has been inspected at the end of your session.
Somerford are extremely strict regarding the poo picking of the arenas as they aim to keep them in top condition. For this reason we ask riders to make sure that all droppings are collected no matter how small, and would rather a small amount of surface is picked up with it than that any is left.
In the event that the poo picking policy is not strictly adhered to during a WRC run session and the deposit lost, WRC will pass on all associated costs to all the riders involved. It is therefore compulsory for all riders to have a poo picker present to represent them during their ridden session.
For further information on the terms imposed by Somerford please visit the Somerford website: